Petroleum Industry

The development of sea and land oil and natural gas has gradually increased the demand for refining, ethylene and three major synthetic materials. This requires a large number of oil and gas pipeline gathering equipment and large-scale high-efficiency petrochemical equipment, focusing on the development of large-scale oil exploration and drilling equipment in deserts and oceans. Therefore, Guangyang Bearings and Mechanical Seals for supporting and repairing petrochemical equipment The annual market demand for static seals and fillers will increase significantly.

The series is suitable for high temperature sealed spherical roller bearings in harsh environments. The bearings are characterized by rubber seals on both sides to ensure the safe running of the bearing raceways in a dust-free environment and prevent leakage of grease. It has the advantages of dustproof, waterproof, high temperature and high pressure, heavy load, etc. It also has open type and high temperature resistant bearings suitable for specific applications. It can operate continuously and safely under the working condition of -40 to +200 degrees. Bearings are attractive and cannot be replaced in many demanding applications.

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